Lion's Pride

A biting chill creeps in as the warm day transforms to night
The drear of the now ensues regardless of the king's might
Reluctance for this shift as his eyes struggle to adjust
Hunger and solitude instills, to pursue a new life he must
Unfortunately estranged from his cubs, quarters, and place of repose
Yearning for contentment and bliss, the lion's belly-fire grows
Now rogue and in bizarre terrain, seeking new adventures and wonder
Distractions before the final breath expels, with his life ending in plunder
Away to find himself he hopes from an amassed inward disdain
A better lion he prays to be, dignity and grace unstrained
Studying a nearby tree he's in awe of the branches and flowers
But deep down he undoubtedly knows in its roots lie its true power
A painful lesson learned resulting from analysis and introspection
Trial and errors throughout the course of life, starved of guidance or direction
A gentle roar faintly echoes, in from a land out of range and remote
He returns a roar to let them know time and effort he will devote
Like in an earlier hunt where he tracked down his prey, giving chase until its retire
For a time will come working day and night, another throne he will acquire
The realities of life, between the self and future exists an immeasurable divide
But to rule the jungle this rogue lion understands what he must do to save his pride

◄ Lighthouse


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