There’s a bloke over there sitting on a bench

Rolling a cigarette

Long ginger hair in a pony tail

A beard glasses and flat cap

His dog and a can of coke


Now there’s a bloke slightly older

With a stick who sits down beside him

And starts to chat

Mr ponytail dog and beard doesn’t seem to mind

Because they are having the chat of blokes

The chat that chews the weather

And all experiences to bits

The kind that turns off the words

From head to mouth

No interruption or fears

Of what others might think

No filters

No smut or innuendo necessary

As they dance the dance of blokes

Just talk of where they are going

What the day may bring

And maybe what they have left behind

No awkwardness in the silence in between

As one says he’s waiting for the twelve twenty- nine

The bus that will eventually take him back

From where he has come


The chat of blokes

Spotted and intermittent like todays

Poor attempt at rain

Until eventually the bloke with the stick gets up

And there’s a kind of nodding apology from both

See you then and bye

No more is said or done

All is final and complete

And the day carries on

Will they ever meet again?

Who knows?

They don’t

But then they have had

The chat of blokes


◄ The way of man


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Martin Elder

Fri 11th Jun 2021 08:37

Thanks Ray. I love that notion of verbal juggling. A marvellous phrase



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Thu 10th Jun 2021 21:34

Magic moments disguised as normal behaviour like this can reveal so much Martin. There is a sort of verbal juggling in a gentle way without commitment. Nicely observed.


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Martin Elder

Tue 8th Jun 2021 09:36

Thanks to Emer, Stephen, Holden and Leon for the likes and thanks to Keith Stephen and Kevin for the comments.

I like these brief exchanges that can be witnessed of strangers or even friends. As you say Keith it speaks of a kind of harmony. There is also something fundamentally different about men interacting that doesn't always have to be challenging.
There is also a commonality amongst blokes as you have picked up Kevin.

Sadly there are certain places where people in general don't interact well and almost feel threatened if somebody says hello. I have gone out of my way since the pandemic to say good morning or good afternoon to complete strangers in the street without expecting anything further. Most people respond in a positive manner. Some even smile back

Love and blessings to all
thanks again

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kJ Walker

Tue 8th Jun 2021 08:18

These casual conversations often occur outside shops, while both parties are waiting for their respective wives.
They're a fundamental part of our blokiness and can brighten up the day.

This well observed piece brings life to those snippets.

Cheers Kevin

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 7th Jun 2021 17:50

A nice observation, Martin. 'Dance the dance of blokes.' I must have done that.

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keith jeffries

Mon 7th Jun 2021 10:51

A natural encounter which is defined by it masculinity and casual approach. The ability to relate to another human being without being judgemental. A gesture of friendship at no cost. Now this is poetry as it speaks of harmony

Thank you for this

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