Bad Day

Bad Day


Cracking the key hole

your key spliters into bits

and with it your day





(NB. This did not happen to me although I heard about it)

#haiku #haikupoetry

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Andy N

Mon 17th May 2021 20:48

Thanks M.C. It wasn't me that thankfully - did feel sorry for the poor person moaning about it in the shop I was in but made me glad it wasn't me too (:

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 12th May 2021 15:04

Ha...this reminds me of when the key to the street door of my
small residential building snapped in half, leaving me staring down
at the bit in my hand and then at the bit in the latch. Fortunately,
I had a useful piece of knife kit that was equipped with small tweezers and I was able to prise out the latter piece and use my
spare key to get me indoors. NOT a nice feeling when it happened!

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