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I can’t breath, my lungs are burning 

Everything around me is twirling.

Everything inside me squeezes eminently, grabbing away my desire to live on.

I am filled with pain, till my last bone. 

My eyes are full of blood rivers.

He is dying in the roaring silence.



As I opened my eyes,

I saw dazzling stars dancing in the sunset 

It was as quiet as a dead silence, creating a peaceful setting.

I breathed in, a fresh freezing air 

I can’t stop gazing at this glare. 

Am I dead or is it just a dream? 



Is it a dream or he is really dead?

This shouldn’t be the end!

Each moment, memory with him,  was a blest 

It flashed to the right and to the left

I wish I could say ‘I love you  till death’

  Just as a lest



As I walked in a gloomy forest

I felt that Endora felt the sorest 

I can't stop thinking about her. Besides.


Out of the blue,I noticed a glorious figure.

Her dress was fluttering in the wind.

However, I didn't have a chance to see the owner of this gracious dress.

“Come back, come back” said the soft voice

I didn't have a chance to see the owner of this soft voice.



As I came back, he opened his eyes...



◄ last signs of life

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