My name is Silence

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I used to range unchallenged on this hill

keeping mankind under my surveillance.

I watched as you discovered

the wonder of the wheel


and ways to traffic goods along the rivers.

You harnessed blameless power from water mills

but we became estranged.

My name is Silence.


Once I was your day-to-day companion:

the backing to your birdsong at the daybreak

and as the night descended

I lulled you to oblivion.


When you yourself found flight, our friendship ended.

Our time-affirmed communion’s now riven

by jets that shriek the pain

of unwarranted labour.


I’m living like a startled quarry species

hounded from my native, rightful home

by planes that scoff fresh air

and shit out toxic faeces.


But once you’ve burnt your world, your lethal roar

will shrink from here and all such ruined places

and I shall be again

at liberty to roam.


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Tim Ellis

Sun 7th Mar 2021 07:42

You’re right, M.C. But before jet aeroplanes were everywhere the noise was mainly birdsong, rushing waters and the wind, which is a much better sort of noise.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 6th Mar 2021 15:20

A stimulating theme with a wide range. However, I'm not sure that silence per se has ever existed on this Earth.

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