Climber boy

Listen up climber boy, my feeling is this,

This girl ain’t waiting up on no kiss;

She’s hooking those bolts with one thing in mind

And it ain’t the chalk bag on your behind.

Come on climber boy let me see that swing

Cos climbing up walls ain’t my only thing


Smear it up.

Heel hook.

Body Thrust.


Push it up climber man, your arse is mine,

Hit the ground, it’s just a matter of time.

You powered your way up the overhang

Gripping those jugs like some macho man.

Every girl in the place is watching you climb

Yo there sister, join the back of the line.


Figure of eight

Gri Gri

Body  Thrust


Hey climber boy, what grade are you packing?

I got an urge to check out your racking

Your smile is wicked and while that’s OK

A grin ain’t gonna make this woman’s day

This isn’t just a menopausal flush

This is a full on over body blush


Get it up

Lay Back

Body Thrust


So what big boy did you see me lookin’?

It’s not your heel I’m aimin’ on hookin’

I liked what I saw when your veins were pumpin’

But it ain’t no wall I picture humpin’

Bare foot, big foot, every one a winner

One lean hard Pole he’s never a minger


Bring him down

Rope him on

Body Thrust


Your tush in the harness, that’s mighty neat

Over here climber, make marks with your feet

So our eyes made contact what’s the big deal

This woman needs more than the perfect smile

Hey up climber boy cos this is the thing

That bulge in my pocket?  My wedding ring.

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<Deleted User> (8341)

Sun 4th Jul 2010 13:17

By gum, Alison! This opens a new perspective on climbing for me. Like the earthiness.

<Deleted User> (7212)

Wed 30th Jun 2010 16:01

"Real neat" Alison

Profile image

John Coopey

Tue 29th Jun 2010 18:41

Nothing wrong with hormones, Alison. At my age I rely on them!

Profile image

Tue 29th Jun 2010 16:53

Warm weather and hormones. Sorry.

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