Who was it killed George Floyd?

Not I said the cop, I’m just employed

to do a job, and felt annoyed that

just because he used his weight

to crush his windpipe and suffocate him

on the street in broad daylight, while 3 more officers

held him down, like in so many other towns.

I only acted in self-defence,

to keep the white folk from attack, he just happens to be black.

You know our policy – Aim to Kill.

He shouldn’t have passed that dollar bill.


Who was it killed George Floyd?

It wasn’t I said the passer by,

I pay my tax like all the rest,

and want the cops to keep me safe.

I always do things by the book,

I just stopped to  take a look.

He must have done something wrong,

for them to hold him down so long.

I walked away when I heard him shout,

‘I can’t breathe, please let  me out’!


Who was it killed George Floyd?

Not I said the teacher who taught him well

in practise for his living hell.

He wouldn’t listen to me at all,

however much I made him crawl.

You might say it was neglect, but

he never showed me any respect.

I just kept him off the street,

until his time came to leave.

There’s plenty more where he came from,

mother’s grieving for another son.

You can say life’s unfair but don’t blame me,

I wasn’t there.


Who was it killed George Floyd?

Not I said the guy at the Labour exchange,

even though he was unemployed.

I tried my best to arrange a job,

sure, it was12 hours a day that

didn’t even cover rent,

by the time you’re paid the money’s spent.

It doesn’t matter what you do,

you’ll find his kind are never content.

I’m not saying I’m better than him,

but it helps to have white skin

‘cos every time he gets in line,

there’s a million others to stand behind.


Who was it killed George Floyd?

Not I said the populist journalist,

I just tell it like it is.

I listen to what the people say,

then turn it ‘round the other way.

We check the facts with utmost rigour,

then make it sound like propaganda.

You can’t deny the words aren’t true,

it’s just a different point of view.

Ask my editor, he agrees,

it’s all about the sale of copies.


Who was it killed George Floyd?

Not I said the President from his lair,

but then, I don’t really care.

Preaching to the howling faithful,

telling them they should be grateful,

living in the land of plenty

with half the country’s pockets empty,

using them to take the blame

And make America great again.

To be the first, to be the best,

to fuel the flames of racial unrest,

with cops who act as judge and jury.

‘Home of the Brave – Land of the Free.’




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M.C. Newberry

Tue 19th Jan 2021 01:19

So - I have "form"? In the quest for full and coolly considered
findings, perhaps. I reject and revile the tainted tendency towards
"trial by media" that feeds off preconceived prejudices and populist
posing. As for Keith's stats. in 2019,over 50 weeks, 38 US police
were shot dead on duty, a slightly lower figure that the 47 that
suffered a similar fate in 2018. In short, any call there to reported
criminal behaviour is to be taken very seriously indeed in a society
full of guns and unstable individuals who don't do as they're asked
and thus liable to respond in deadly fashion. My original comment
made a plea for proper procedural processes to be followed to a comprehensively considered verdict. I do not shrink from demanding that this happen whatever the pressure from various "interests" and their adherents. ? Otherwise, just who is
safe from those who convict and condemn without exhaustive legal process to conclusion? You? Me? Anyone?

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trevor homer

Sun 17th Jan 2021 15:10

Stephen, it's always a pleasure to get comments from writers whose work one admires.

Thanks to all.

Love and Peace

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 16th Jan 2021 17:53

A very fine, powerful poem.

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trevor homer

Sat 16th Jan 2021 14:10

Thanks Aviva, your comments are warmly appreciated.

Hi Keith, inciteful as ever, thanks. [M.Cs comments nor his musings hold the slightest interest for me. He has form!].

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keith jeffries

Fri 15th Jan 2021 23:31

MC., raises some interesting points but having spent four years in California at University I doubt if he is fully aware of what takes place in American Society. The man who remained in his car and would not get out was afraid of the same fate. More black men are killed by white police officers than white men despite black people being in a minority. Had George Floyd been white would he have been treated in the same way. I think not. The cold light of detached forensic attention will not alter the burning fact that the incident took place in a society riddled with racial prejudice. During my time there I hardly experienced a day without witnessing or hearing of incidents which were clearly racially motivated where black people were always demeaned and often wrongly accused.


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Jan 2021 16:02

A provocative pastiche on the English nursery rhyme "Who Killed
Cock Robin". The content omits the following relevant aspects::
The full medical assessment of Floyd's death under restraint. Coroner's report anyone?
The details of his behaviour immediately prior to ending up on the ground. The approach by the officers (who have already been "condemned" before trial) to this individual in his car was also
filmed and they maintained a polite consistent demand for
his cooperation - not given - ultimately leading to this tragedy.
I'm all in favour of the guilty being found to be so after ALL the
evidence is made available. Justice delayed is justice denied -
for all concerned. Floyd is arguably an agenda driven "media martyr" and that is not in the service of of rigorous investigative
examination of how and why this tragedy unfolded and ended.
Hopefully when the case is placed before the courts, the cold
light of detached forensic attention will be brought to bear on what went on that day, and verdicts given. Case closed.

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keith jeffries

Fri 15th Jan 2021 15:58

You have excelled yourself with this poem. It is so well put together and hits the nail on the head. It is an indictment to a racist society who turn away from what they know goes on but remain silent. Covert racism is alive and well when these ugly incidents take place. What one police officer does has the support of many others who remain tight lipped. America is a violent nation in many respects. This has been proved so during the last four years when a racist was in charge. Who killed George Floyd. American Society killed him.

Trevor thank you for this

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Fri 15th Jan 2021 13:20

This is so impressive, virtuoso wordsmanship, it seems so effortless.

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