The Runaway

I climbed the tallest mountain and found myself on the edge of something wonderful
I fell so in love with the view, I followed it. 
That was the day I ran away. 
Chasing after distance 
Somewhere miles front of me 
The desert or possibly a land of salt water.
I search the sky for answers
Nothing but an empty shade of blue. 
No need for a compass
Where I end up is a mystery
I used to be a thread tied in knots by broken dreams, always sewing back together what others pulled apart. 
But that kind of life is exhausting for me. 
Now I've made friends with the earth 
Wandering lost in all it's beauty
I blow kisses to the sun 
Saving the last one
Just in case I find you.
Golden rays guide me through the lovely unknown.
I travel with a smile and not much else. 
Infused with passion, 
I'm obsessed with running
Addicted to restless freedom, 
The never-ending adrenaline rush of spontaneity. 
They believe this is all a phase I'll soon outgrow.
My mind warped with fantasies of where I want to go.
Inside private thoughts I've been packing my bags for so long now, I don't remember where is home. 





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New Shoes

Mon 11th Jan 2021 07:16

My meadow healed me. no matter the torque on our souls, natures harmonies remain the same. It can bring you back to a healthy state of mind. we are made of nature

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Kay Channon

Wed 23rd Dec 2020 01:58

I’m literally in love (now I am afraid I will sound cheesy) with the imagery in this poem. I enjoy the subtle twist of there potentially being another person behind your break for freedom...Saving the last kiss...What makes it so immersive, is the way, I, as a reader, can picture the landscapes. This is not just a typical love poem, it is a narrative driven picture of beauty in words. I am lost in nature with you and I don’t want to go home.

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