Not Long Enough Be Death

under the lych-gate shall I pass

before the wait in holding hands

for the robed man of God to steer

me to my resting days


and shall I then be added to

the sanded brick of grotesque face

that stares across the standing stones

to look beyond the yew


and those who sidle in the rain

with shoulders loaded down with strife

will keep their head and eye to ground

and unaware of mine


then as I learn such higher ways

and freedom casts me from its stone

so will I then bargain forth

and leave the world behind


now in the realm I find myself

among ancestral light and warmth

the pain and heaviness has gone

and I begin to shine


then glow do I a little more

in understanding what has been

while bathed in voice of honey tone

and stole for my return

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Nicola Beckett

Sat 12th Dec 2020 22:28

what is our eternal home . Is it the womb or the stars in the heavens .

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keith jeffries

Sat 5th Dec 2020 09:28

This poem must rank with one of the best I have read this year as it takes us from our mortality to our eternal home with all its consequences. This is a literary achievement.
Thank you for this

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