you remind me of someone

we died in each other’s arms once

when the asteroid hit

strange how it’s taken us this long

to run into each other again

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Nicola Beckett

Mon 14th Dec 2020 06:12

Nicorates sounds Latin. So Italian. Yes its clairaudience. And no youre not wierd. Maybe you were a Roman soldier or even a gladiator in a past life. The woman may have been from a land you were invading or a slave. Its interesting stuff isn't it. Nicorates. How wonderful.

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Clive Culverhouse

Sun 13th Dec 2020 22:16

Ok well this is going to sound wierd if not stupid but it really did happen, during a meditation session I heard a woman's voice like she was standing right next to me shouting in Spanish and I got the profound feeling she was calling to me. She called me Nicorates. I wrote a poem about it actually called My Name Was Nicorates. It all felt so real, clairaudience I think they call it.

Nicola Beckett

Sun 13th Dec 2020 21:05

I believe we are reincarnated .
Sometimes I meet someone and its a stronger feeling than just familiarity .
Don't laugh
But I believe I was a nun in a past life .
When I first went to Dublin.
I knew I had been there before in a different lifetime. I feel that way about Greece too.
In the USA I had familiar feelings in New York.
Perhaps its all my celtic roots coming through .
I would like to ask you .
How do you feel in Italy.
Because by my reckoning you have been there in a different lifetime.

Nicola Beckett

Sun 13th Dec 2020 10:37

I feel the same about my girlfriend Rachel. Yet I have a new love. But I will always love Rachel.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 4th Dec 2020 16:37

Fine poem. Still trying to get my head around it, which may be a good sign.

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Clive Culverhouse

Fri 4th Dec 2020 14:57

I really enjoyed writing this poem. Particularly the last two lines which poses the question do we meet people we once knew if we are reincarnated? Is this why some people seem to have great chemistry or feel like they have known each for many years after first meeting.
A short poem but huge in suggestion.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Fri 4th Dec 2020 14:54

How lucky to meet someone you have such lasting connection to.

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