Covering The Plants


Plants are friends

as close as kin

providing us with

beauty and grace


in summer

they enjoy the sun

giving off an aura

of happiness


in late Fall

when the weatherman

predicts a hard freeze

it is only right

that we come to their defense

against the coming coldness


so all are gathered

in a corner

and blanketed with old towels

and old blankets

then tucked in

like children in their beds


they fall into a deep sleep

under the blankets

and will not awake until

Winter releases its bitter grip


such is the eternal cycle

man & plants

preparing for Winter

surviving until Spring

then in life's miracle

reborn again.











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Stephen Gospage

Mon 30th Nov 2020 17:00

Marvellous imagery.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 30th Nov 2020 14:45

In they all come
from the wind and rain
protected from the frost
to blossom again.

They offer us so much those silent friends d.

Thank you for this delightful poem d'
it is cold, dark, windy and dank today.
It made me think forward to spring.

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