For Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones

Messages of condolence and floral tributes, including a photograph of Jack Merritt, near the scene of the stabbing on London Bridge.

" Beautiful spirits on underdogs sides."

You two had the temerity to trust to justice

To plough your young years into uncovering justice

Even for those for whom criminal justice had thrown away 

The key, trusting that everybody deserves a second chance.

You were learning together with men who'd never

Been offered empathy or kindness. Men who now look

To your example of treating all men and all women

As capable of good, bad or indifferent. You were never

Indifferent. Your end, in the infamous London Bridge

Attack, has allowed your murderer's name to become infamous

But you two were the famous ones: using your privilege

And your natural intelligence for all the good you could

Squeeze out of them. I raise a glass to you two Cambridge

Graduates. Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.



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John Marks

Thu 19th Nov 2020 23:57

Thank YOU Dawn. Jack and Saskia deserve all the praise for what they did whilst alive. An example to us all.

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Thu 19th Nov 2020 23:49

This is truly beautiful. Sliced right down to it.

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John Marks

Thu 19th Nov 2020 23:24

Thank YOU dear Keith.

The girlfriend of London Bridge attack victim Jack Merritt ,Leanne O'Brien said he "opened so many doors for those that society turned their backs on".

She also shared an article written by Jack's father urging people to "extinguish hatred with his kindness".

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keith jeffries

Thu 19th Nov 2020 22:53

With you all the way John. Noble heroes from whom we live amongst.
Thank you for this


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