The Sculptor

Come to me Amyelia;

Barren ballerina, compliant as a question mark.

I make you foreign as a statue,

you have no bark to sharpen limbs

or catch a memory like a bruise,

 a porcelain whisper clotting my fingerprint

you are,

and fashion asbestos in my anaesthetic.


Abreacted, you are all window,

and catching the light – a magpie

makes you mortar.

Encouraged, you are a muse,

and I find it hard, this loosening grip.

How would you court the public?


Your body photographs love,

every time I look at you,

and I must walk without prompt

beyond the frame, resigning

the nutrient -


I am made from you, the same,

but too much human without

and every freedom I am,

turns back to you in doubt.

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Thu 10th Jun 2010 09:15

un-usual? usual? i am confused...thankyou for comments though.

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Andy N

Thu 10th Jun 2010 08:14

although i did find some of the line endings a little un-ususual, i did really enjoy this! Top Banana! xx

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 9th Jun 2010 17:51

Lovely poem - makes me think of that statue by Degas of the dancer with her tattered gauzy skirt. xx

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