Going Places

I would like you to meet,

My sore and blistered feet.

I am proud of what they did complete.

I am sure you to, will think it is really, neat.

While they have no special class, or special style.

They have been getting me around for many a mile.

Stories of the places they have taken me.

Can fill a very, large file.

Now, I will tell the stories that will make you smile.

Save for later, the stories that are somewhat, vile.

I went everywhere my feet did take me.

And can talk about that, for a long, long, while.

Now, there will be no new stories to make.

A rest my feet must take.

They are old, and ache, and really need a break.

Without my feet to lead me, my future is at stake.




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John Marks

Wed 28th Oct 2020 00:25

NOT TO FORCE THE RHYME but to align yourself with nothing'S FINE.

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