J.P.`s "RIDE"

I`m going to ride around on my Big Wheel.

I can spin the tires, and that whole ordeal.

I can peddle fast, and really make them squeal.

I will take a ride, and show off my appeal.

I cleaned my wheels, their, shine is ideal.

I am jamming to "Low Rider". I have the whole feel.

This Big Wheel will do, until Dad gets me the real deal.

Some day, Dad will get me a Ford, made of cold steal.

We will drive around, taking turns at the wheel.

Never looking back, leaving troubles at our heels.

The path we take, our future will reveal.

You are always here Dad, as YOU are my Big Wheel.

Them peddles always take me to your, heals.

My "ride" will follow your "ride" .

Your tracks you cannot conceal.

I will go where you go, Dad.

You gave me my


(for my three month old Grand son)

By J.D. Bardo


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