A Sleepy Love

And I wonder when you look back at me what you see

When I’m sitting there smiling

Thinking how the fuck is he even a relative possibility?

Can he hear my rapid heartbeats or is that just me?

While I look at you I pray to Gods I don’t even believe in to be the woman of your dreams

Exhausted from praying I fall to my knees

I drift off into a deep sleep waiting for you to come find me

Falling asleep is like falling in love

One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone

Stage one here we come…

Vivid sensations crash over my body when you touch me

Remind myself this is only stage one no falling…

Stage two my temperature’s dropping, heart rate is slowing down

You’re getting closer to finding me just following my sounds

Stage three a shallow like turns to a deep love

Our brain waves finally sync up

This is where two become one

Stage four I’m sleep walking right into your arms.

Home is where you feel safest after all during the storms

Stage five R.E.M.

Boy, I’m losing my religion

No rapid eye movement, I’m only staring at you

Everything ceases to exist when you’re in the room

Involuntarily my heart skips a beat

That crooked smile of yours brings me to my knees

And here I go again drifting off into a deep sleep waiting for you to come find me


Written September 2018

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