Time To Leave

I look at you I know who you are
My heart can’t recognize you though because of all these scars
It’s like looking back in the rear view mirror after you’ve driven too far
I can see you standing in the drive way
The closer I get to my sanity the further away you are
And you wait for me to turn around for the next thousand days
Hoping I’ll find the strength to overcome this pain
Somewhere in the mountains I’m losing myself, going insane
I waller in this heartbreak such a deep ache
That tiny cabin in Black Mountain gave me some strength
Laid my head down took a deep breath I’m calm enough to think
I wonder if your soul is tortured like mine
Twisting and turning always split into a divide
Where are you my love?
Where did we go wrong?
When did I become your public enemy number one?
What day did you decide to replace me with her?
Did my face still look beautiful to you after I was dead, do you remember?

Written July 2018

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