I am not diverse.
I am English
And a man
Father of four daughters
Two sons, one dead.
Three beautiful grandchildren.
Agnostic, questioning, stoic
Almost as good as a woman in bearing pain.
Cancer survivor
Sepsis survivor.
Loyal friend.
Earn my own money
Share money, willingly.
Not diverse at all.
Nor divine
Nor lucky
Nor unlucky
Love the extraordinary ordinariness 
Of being merely human. 

Alan Henning: An ordinary man who wanted to help Syrians - BBC NewsAlan Henning - Salford ex-taxi driver beheaded by Daesh whilst delivering aid in Syria 2014

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 16th Oct 2020 16:01

The latest programme in his TV series "The Romantics" shown last
night had Simon Schama discuss our identities and sense of
belonging, with their various needs and qualities, all within the
context of "the human condition"...both for good and for evil. And
just how much of what those "Romantics" of yesteryear had to say
still has relevance today. Coolly dispassionate and welcome for
that, it is the sort of programme series that gives television a good name.

Nicola Beckett

Thu 15th Oct 2020 22:53

You all keep saying all things to all men, but it's much better to think of like you say the human condition. Diversity is a bit old fashioned now as we are all diverse, we are all unique, our journeys, our class, our sexuality, our traumas, I personally have a working class white woman chip on my shoulder. But I follow many gurus and teachers through my readings and spirituality journey that remove this chip. All men are this, all women are that all gay people are this all bisexual people are this all poor people are chavs etc, we all do it stereotypes. I get treated differently as a blonde to a red head to a brunette and I've been all 3 to whether or not I wear my leather pants or a suit or an ethnic gown or dress. So please don't judge and put me in a box and I wont you. Its very sad what happened to that taxi driver and I cried when it was on the news. I don't watch the news much just daily for updates but I turn it off. We are all on a journey but like the Beatles before me if you study the teachings of ancient gurus once you start to soothe your soul and let go of addictions and technology and phones are an addiction so is pornography and gambling, you soothe the inner child and you begin to awaken, your soul begins to heal , ps love the music x

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Greg Freeman

Thu 15th Oct 2020 21:35

In these difficult days most of us have more practical matters to worry about and dwell on, rather than argue about how 'woke' someone is, whatever that means.

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John Marks

Thu 15th Oct 2020 19:49

Sincere thanks to all who took the trouble to respond. Yes, our opinions differ, sometimes profoundly, but we all share this precarious human condition.

There is a contradiction between the current emphasis upon 'diversity' (narrowly defined usually in terms of race) and the wokeish insistence upon conforming to a set of (allegedly) 'liberal' opinions. Enforced tolerance (or pretended acceptance) is worthless, in my opinion.

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keith jeffries

Thu 15th Oct 2020 19:24

Why should we not be all things to all men? To understand and to accept different life styles and philosophies is to embrace humanity and not sit on the sidelines with concealed prejudices.

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keith jeffries

Thu 15th Oct 2020 19:22


I have learned that acceptance is better than tolerance, which seems quite patronising. My brother in law once said that he and his wife tolerated my sexuality and I felt quite demeaned. I asked if he accepted me fully but no reply was forthcoming.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Oct 2020 16:52

Simple, forthright - and understood. Not least when we seem to be
increasingly under pressure to be "all things to all men".

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 15th Oct 2020 10:25

I read this piece with great interest and listing one's 'credentials' in this way is very illuminating. I'm not sure what place the pictures have in understanding the piece (I'm not a keen picture-adder enthusiast) but I like the clarity/brevity of this and wonder what would be on my list should I write one.

Much is said about diversity today and if the truth be told most of us 'tolerate' others' views/proclivities/religions etc as a form of acceptance.

This simple list is saying, 'this is me' take me or leave me. Honest, which I like.

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keith jeffries

Thu 15th Oct 2020 01:53


a profound and sincere declaration in this poem. Apart from having no daughters, because I am gay, I roughly fit the bill, but my soul is wounded at the photo of Alan Hennining. It fills me with horror and a sense of desolation. I love this poem because I am one who drinks, thinks and am simply human.

I thank you for this

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