Femme Fatale

My name is known, my intentions are not. 
I sleep alone, with you in my thoughts. 
Wage the wars, fight the demons. 
I hold back the tears, but you hear me screaming. 

I am the ship that wrecked at shore. 
Constant conquest for happiness fought no more. 
I am the captain of the evil & damaged. 
We’re strong because we know we can survive. 
You can not kill those who have already died. 

I am the serpentine looking for victims. 
Just to prove that I can still get them. 
Don’t let me in, I’m not worth the pain. 
I’ll tell you upfront, I’ve got rage in my veins. 

Memories all twisted, heart made of coal. 
Once kindled. Now I live with no soul. 
like a black hole, chaos & chemicals light my eyes. 
I blow kisses like missiles  to  assure your demise. 

You should walk away before its too late, 
you’ll say its wicked. & I’ll say its fate. 
You’ll pretend like I’m more than i am, when all i want is a simple distraction. 
You see when a heart breaks, its a chain reaction. 
The innocent are beaten,  the beaten are callused. 
& all this turns into obsession with Malice. 

I contradict my every word with bedroom eyes, 
& the curse of curves. 
Venom lips, & dirty whispers 
interrupt your thoughts with violence that shimmers. 
You might as well get a shovel, you’re digging your own grave. 
You gave into a broken girl, you forfeited the game.

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