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Kacey Holsworth

Updated: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 07:50 pm

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27. Mother of 2. Married. Forever writing poetry about my troubled movie-esque past. Working on some new projects, appreciate the feedback!

Confessions of a Mosaic

I am the waves crashing I will remind you of beauty and all things holy But I will always be untamable and unpredictable- Even when you think you know me A ticking timebomb til’ the next tsunami’ But won’t you stay and hold me? I’ll Pull you out to sea slowly- Drown you in my lust so you don’t ever want to leave me Bury you inside of me in hopes to fill these trenches the parts so deep- no one else sees them; Hiding malicious demons; Will you be man enough to feed them? Though wild and mysterious Parts of me are crystal clear; Transparent and translucent like sea-glass Captivating pools of indigo hues, radiating in the light like beacons Jagged and rough attracting any poor fool that thinks he can pick up the pieces I throw myself against the rocks but was i hoping for something different? Is it just in my nature- Am I meant to be captivating, and wicked? Gorgeous from a distance too much of a force to be reckoned with Storms have always made me feel alive So why am I surprised- that I’m never content when it’s calm? I create my own hurricanes, must find comfort in the pain Because I continue thrashing on

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