If with this virus, we are at war.

Then soon, we, will be no more.

The earth let out a mighty roar.

To loud, this time, to ignore.

Earth says, "this should settle the score".

To how life was, Earth will restore.

Earth wants things, like before.

Earth cannot support man anymore.

On this earth, man is a bruise.

War with this virus, man will lose.

What man has done to earth, is a sin.

There is no way man can win.

Earth is tired of taking it on the chin.

Earth wants man gone, and all of mans kin.

I say run for the hills, with a packed bin.

Wait out the virus, and new we will begin.

And try again, maybe with no sin.

If man can get it right, maybe man can win.

but just less of man, or Earth needs a twin.




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Paul Sayer

Sun 4th Oct 2020 11:50

Most of us bugs are harmless
The boots of power don't care a less
Stumped on and sprayed each new day
The chemtrails are for now, here to stay
Crisscrossing our climate-changing world...


Without the barium into extinction, we'd rapidly hurl.

J.D. your poem speaks of things that could come about
This is a good poem for certain, without a doubt
But running for the hills is not the way
Any more than us being in this locked down stayed

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