Silent Killer


We thought it was

just a passing thing

which moved in silent ways

yet would not harm us

we were immune we thought

and safe by seas and distance

but we soon learned that

it could invade without being detected

could spread quickly from one to many

and what we thought was just a flue

was in fact a merciless killer

that infected everyone it came across

it damaged our organs

it damaged our system

it changed the world

and now the hell of Covid

is mutating among us

waiting for an opening

to inflict more death and destruction

the second time around

we wait for the vaccine

we wait for safety of the herd

we wait to see what will happen

as we are paralyzed in fright

the menace spreads and conquers

and all our walls

come tumbling down.


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 2nd Oct 2020 15:23

The inevitability of our demise is the natural order of things. The how
is not always of our choosing, that's for sure, but all we can do is
carry on in the hope that it will be less unpleasant than it might be!
Plagues are hardly unknown in history and this is just more of the
same. Like its predecessors it will run its course so let us just "make
shift and mend" while that happens.


Fri 2nd Oct 2020 15:11

You inspired me to write a poem.

Death an unavoidable reality. Its reaching us inch by inch, atom by atom, from mouth to feet, gnawing every organ gently but rapidly. And there's the mossads agents looking for covid spreading agents. Those who are carrying preprepared vaccines.

Is corona a epidemic sent by God or is it human implanted biological weaponry??

Death an inevitable end of all.💕

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