The ghost

The lonely ghost visited me

At first it had a body

It spoke and laughed with me

Then into the thin air it vanished

Leaving behind memory ashes

I made a castle of love from those ashes

Which blew time and again when storms came flashing

Reconstructed those castles time and again

But the construction lost its textures and paints

My love kept nourishing the foundations strong

Only to realise the ghosts don't ever return

Slowly the ghost turned the building into ruins

For it found another beautiful home in a fair maiden's bosom

My songs and voices turned painfully bleating

Animals moaning every now and then for this ghostly creature

The ghost turned off the audio systems and handed it over to others to get rid of all this creepy sounds

Ghost was haughty when his mind was polluted with potty

Living devils found a lot of stinking piss to feed this minion

Slowly disgusted with lies, deceits, shameful stories the ghost completely receded

But had to keep his honour and dignity of being a idol of mercy

So he kept visiting my ruins confirming his poor intentions as worthy

Soon I realised all the follies of the devils work done in there

Prayers to Almighty turned the ruins into decayed ashes

From which stink arose and nothing of memories felt like rose

What could be a better end of this ghost story?

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 16th Sep 2020 12:20

Great, atmospheric work

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Nigel Astell

Wed 16th Sep 2020 09:56

Slowly disgusted with lies,deceits,shameful stories - - -
this was one bad ghost.

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