The Causeway Between Our Hearts

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Tonight, I eye the wind 
as it dances on the water
singing of the distance
that no longer can be closed

Well, I told you I was selfish
there were no children in me
Unwilling to stir for a moment
from this endless daydream
where I father my creativity

You told me that you knew me 
our hearts beating to that same drum set
and no one must wake you either 
That carving pretty worlds
behind closed eyes 
is your calling and profession

With one eye knowingly 
looking into mine
and the other doggedly at the door 
you welcomed my request for kisses deep 
while telling me you could feel
that farewell letter in my back pocket 
itching to be delivered

You rip away on the mildest breeze
a kite cut free
Could not believe
the words a writer brought you
the words you said you loved to read
You wished it dead, before the birth
and all I did was acquiesce

I tell you now
that letter was no dis-missive
but a list of tide times
The wind thieves it from my fingers
and I watch it whipping out 
across the water

Two selfish hearts can coexist 
only for a passing moment
then the ocean rises
the road is lost
the causeway closes

All we were is washed away
or wind upon the surface
ripples or waves, decaying...



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Kevin T.S. Tan

Mon 21st Sep 2020 09:44

Hey Tom. I'm new to your poetry. This poem reminds me of a woman I used to love. We used to walk the dunes and beaches for hours. Two daydreamers washed upon the shores. Well she was looking for someone to father her son and still half-tied to her ex boyfriend. It never worked but I'm glad we're still friends.

The poem speaks of your deep love for the waters. And it's very personal and emotional and well expressed. I also really like the Why Poems on your profile page. Think I'm a fan!

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Tue 25th Aug 2020 15:47

Thanks for the likes and comments Manisha, Neressa, Victoria, Jordyn, Nicola, Kim and Kate. So kind of you. I'm glad this one seems to have translated. Victoria, thank you, I can't help but be drawn to a bit of heartbreak... Nicola, you're right, so many ways to nurture and take care of this world... And Kate, carving pretty worlds is no mean feat - please never stop. Thanks all. Tom.

<Deleted User> (22444)

Tue 25th Aug 2020 12:28

I fear I love to carve pretty worlds in my mind too Tom...... So many great lines in this, I hardly know where to start. One I will read over and over.

Nicola Beckett

Tue 25th Aug 2020 05:11

Wonderful poem, I'm childless Tom and we leave our legacy in different ways, I'm sure you have been a father figure to many, her loss if you ask me, your poems are beautifully crafted, I rescue animals, create and have mothered many I'm sure you have been a father in your own way x love and light Nicola

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Mon 24th Aug 2020 22:50

Wow! Heartbreakingly beautiful poem. ?

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