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Woman's mood

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No, I am not a beauty,

But I am simply cutey,

Someone says I am fluty

Hearing my voice.

No, I am not rude,

I just call things

By their proper names

And if you say my voice pings

I would better say it sings.

No, I am not ginger,

I am a golden grandeur,

And you see a danger

In my reddish hair,

It’s not fair my dear,

I am not a bushstranger

And you behave like a cringer.

No, I do not flirt,

I polish my master in communication,

No, I do not forget,

I don’t want to load my memory

With unnecessary information.

No, I do not bite,

I just say what I think,

I do not drink,

I just carry out tasting.

No, I am not more intelligent

Just you are more stupid

And far from being a cupid.

No, I do not betray,

I just change my surroundings

And your wordings

Sound like a distrustfulness.

No, I can’t say I hate everyone,

I love all but some less.

I do not make mistakes,

I just take risky decisions

Without any provisions.

No, I am not furious,

I am an ordinary woman

And can be even curious.

No, I do not like gossips,

I listen to different opinions.

Do you think it’s a dip?

But there are millions

With so different opinions

And no one think it’s a crime

But you say it’s an empty chime

Or even a grime.

No, I do not lie,

I just compose a story.

You say I seek a glory?

Oh, sorry, but you are paltry

And it’s another story.

You say I am dull?

I am just in a bad mood.

Am I understood?

Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)


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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Tue 25th May 2010 10:44

Thank you, dear Lynn. I am happy when people enjoy reading my poems.

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Lynn Dye

Mon 24th May 2010 22:05

I think this is really good, Larisa.
Love it! Warm regards, Lynn

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