Listen to my truest thoughts.
My truest feelings,
The world sometimes shows no remorse.
Its hard, to comprehend the meaning.

Many of my peers dead,
Others locked in cages.
I smile and rejoice in ife,
Because I'm on the path to make it.

I used to have the urge to die,
Wiping tears, from my eyes.
Wear a mask to hide the pain,
I tried so hard, to disguise.

One day I hope to make it.
Hoping things will change,
I strive to be best i can,
So things are no longer the same.

Maybe it was i who caused it,
All the fussing and the hurting,
I destroyed myself,
Cus i didn't want to be a burden.

But that lead to my doom.
I just didn't see,
I planted seeds,
To bring about the end of me.

But now I smile,
Happy with beauty of life, it seems.
I dedicate this to my angel,
Who came to me with broken wings.

Show compassion,
Start to love your life.
Handle your business,
And act right.

Create your dreams.
Follow your goals,
Don't rely on another hand,
Carry yourself on your own.

Live long and prosper,
Smile each and every day.
Count your blessings,
You got to see another day.

Hold those with you close,
Help them build their dreams.
Create those changes,
And be eternally free.

Bring about changes

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Hamzah Aslam

Thu 6th Aug 2020 12:37


I trust this finds you in good health.

Life's too short to spend it with regret and negativity. It took me some time to realise this.

Positive vibes heal you and those around you, share the love and help everyone!

Thank you for the kind words!

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keith jeffries

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 11:23


A poem which expresses the power of optimism and positive thought.
Thank you for this


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