It's funny.

Its amusing, how life can be.

Just when you thought you've been broken enough.

You're unbreakable.

Its far from the reality.


As a man, I have been tested.

With my past, memories relentless.

Traumatic moments, and experiences that remain.

You would think I would be numb, to the infliction of pain.


But it shows indeed I still have a heart.

That i can take a loss and feel broken.

Cut open.

Despite this I'm sat here, still hoping.


That somewhere, the answers are there.

I'm calling out tonight but can somebody hear?

I thought I was unbreakable, like I've handled enough.

Thought I wouldn't break no more, standing tall and tough.



 Around the edges.

Rugged with experience in life.

Focused and unstoppable in my tracks.

However, I'm derailed tonight.


I see the moon light, but no moon.

A wolf breathes, but no howling tunes.

It's a funny life, so it seems,

Sitting in the dark. With silent screams.

 Roaring through your mind.

Vision blurry from your eyes.

Unbreakable at sight, but inside you're dying.

What a funny thing life can be.

Yet I'm sitting here smiling.

Like im used to this.

But that is quite frightening.

Emotions dissipate like smoke.

Soul implodes like lightening.


That once, my heart actually cared.

But I feel as if my heart is no longer there.

Beating like its empty and cold.

Like I'm here, alive.

But have no soul.


I thought I was unbreakable....

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Paul Sayer

Fri 31st Jul 2020 08:59

I read this great poem of yours Zhar, and as is so often the case the comments and those who hit the like.

I keep seeing the same smiling faces smiling back.

I know then that my heart is still alive and beating in tune with the infinite.

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