Pandora`s Box

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My hands are clammy

Cold my heart

My mouth is dry

My every part

Is trembling, shaking,

Drenched with fear

I would be anywhere

But here.


I close my eyes

And fathoms deep

I glide through corals,

Mermaids weep


On mountain top

Where eagles fly

I see death`s face

In golden eye.


In ferny forest

Filtered light

No tiger tiger

Burning bright.


On ice flow cold

No polar bear

Nor arctic fox

Nor snowy hare.


 Within my hands

I hold the key

The future

All that is to be


I slowly open

Up my eyes

The world in waiting

Gently sighs..

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Yvonne Brunton

Fri 4th May 2012 18:33

you have a great way with words for even when you reverse a natural word order, because of the balanced rhythm of the piece, the flow and meaning are impaired not a whit.
A delightful take on the insouciance of the Gods and man's wilfulness.XX

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Dave Carr

Sun 6th Jun 2010 18:12

Hi Cate.
Thanks for comments on mine.
I like the first verse and I also like the line "Mermaids Weep."
Liked it all really.

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Dave Bradley

Tue 1st Jun 2010 23:04

Deary me how did I miss this. Really excellent Cate!

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winston plowes

Sat 22nd May 2010 21:18

Liked this Pandora poem very much. as it has been said "Gentle / powerful / sad" Win :-)

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Sat 22nd May 2010 06:24

Love these last two verses Cate:

'Within my hands
I hold the key
The future
All that is to be'

'I slowly open
Up my eyes
The world in waiting
Gently sighs..'

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Anthony Emmerson

Sat 22nd May 2010 01:25

Hi Cate,

got here late so I can't add much I'm afraid. Liked the reference to Blake and the partial enjambment though!
Will she/won't she? She's a woman - of course she will! ;-)


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Fri 21st May 2010 17:49

Powerful stuff Kit. I like the way you have homed in on the before bit - as Ann says, the air of expectancy. We as the readers know just what is to be unleashed so this is the calm before the storm... You capture the fear of disobedience very well - one I can identify with LOL
I like the last verse best - it's gentle and sad.

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Thu 20th May 2010 09:55

I agree with banksy.
the first verse is really powerful..x

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Andy N

Thu 20th May 2010 08:14

has a really soft sound to it, cat which i really enjoyed.. i bet in the right atomsphere this would go down really well..

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 20th May 2010 07:44

I like this too Cate. That air of expectancy well captured!

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Greg Freeman

Thu 20th May 2010 00:07

I really like this, Cate. You truly feel the awe of the moment.

<Deleted User> (7212)

Wed 19th May 2010 23:43

I think this is really very good. I know it was your not intention, but to me, the first verse could easily stand as an excellent poem in it's own right. B

<Deleted User> (7073)

Wed 19th May 2010 23:26

Brilliant Cate, I love the cadence the words the meaning, in fact all of it.

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