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She watches across the room

As he rises, stealthily, silently

From his chair, and heads towards

The  Woman.

She sits, head bowed, pen still

Engrossed, absorbed in the work before her.

She watches across the room

As he stoops in passing

And takes The Woman`s gloves

From her bag.

White lacy feminine gloves.

Frivolous gloves.

Joyful gloves.

Gloves bought to match

The wicked red shoes

On her tiny slender feet,

Curled under the table.

She watches across the room

As he leaves and heads towards

The lavatory.

The tiny white scraps of lace

Clutched tightly in his hot sticky fingers.

She hears outside the door

His grunts and groans of

Animal satisfaction.

She watches across the room

As he replaces the gloves

Sodden. Soaked. Despoiled

Into The Womans bag.


Shadowlike she flits

 Between the tables

Retrieving the ruined gloves

She tiptoes into a quiet corner

Squeezing out the contents,

Tenderly she washes

And dabs them dry

Returning them pristine and white

To the bag.

Oblivious, The Woman raises her head

And smiles.

Then gathering her belongings

She stands, and leaves.

Her red heels tap tapping

Down the street.

Across the room she watches

As he leers lecherously after her.

Purposefully she heads towards him.

Hips swaying across the floor

Eyes bright with anticipation.

She places the cup carefully

Before him.

"Your coffee sir," she says,

Smiling gently.

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Yvonne Brunton

Fri 4th May 2012 18:36

what did she put in the coffee?
Great stuff! So well set out. XX

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 16th May 2010 20:25

Hmph! - I've come over all decaffeinated now....

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Dave Bradley

Sun 16th May 2010 20:21

Nice one Cate

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Cate Greenlees

Sun 16th May 2010 17:51

Or coffee cup even!! lol...

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Sun 16th May 2010 17:40

I'm not sure you ever had it Banksy - twas but a storm in a teacup...

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 16th May 2010 17:21

Oi !
give me back me thunder

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 16th May 2010 16:05

Spontaneous knock-out upper cut. Who cares about finesse! The champ is floored.

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Sun 16th May 2010 14:50

What can I say? LOL
I love your style and wit Cate : )

<Deleted User> (7073)

Sun 16th May 2010 13:12

Heh heh you should have dedicated it to the obsessive wankers of WOL they seem to be growing in number, or maybe the periodicity of their bilious wankery ha ha TC

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Anthony Emmerson

Sun 16th May 2010 12:06

Is this what's known as "getting your own back?" Maybe it should have been a cappucino; just think of the fun you could have had with those chocolate sprinkles.


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Sun 16th May 2010 11:58

Wouldn't mind guessing where the inspiration for this one came from... masturbation is clearly a fertile subject matter.

But hey - surely you should dedicate it to someone?

LOL - love you, you crazy woman!

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