Green Eyes

I held you in the dark

Your face burrowed in my breast

Your tears made my body sweat and my fingers

Clung to your hair


A smile so small grew on my lips, as you

Thanked me. 


I expect nothing from you.

And I would probably do anything for you. 

And I knew from the moment we touched. 


11am, with the sun streaming in through the window.

You lay in my lap as I sipped my lukewarm coffee

I ran my fingers through your hair and felt your

Calm breath eb and flow


The music playing from my phone may as well have been

Muted, all I could hear was your gentle heartbeat.


The second time you came to me, you read me

A story.

I listened wistfully as your rumbling voice vibrated through

The midnight silence. 

Forty five minutes later, you told me to hang in there 

When my eyes began to grow heavy from serenity.


The punchline of the story was bad, but it made me laugh. 

You said you forgot how long it was.


It’s funny


I remember the look we shared on the first night we met.

I remember how once I saw you, there was no one else.

I remember how scared I was to pull

your arm around me

I remember not wanting to leave


I still taste your lips, the shiver of your body when I run

My fingertips along your spine. 


I remember you singing to me while we lay tangled up

In each other. 


Your green eyes are still locked on mine


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Fri 10th Jul 2020 15:24

Heartfelt and evocative. 👍

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Emeka Collins

Fri 10th Jul 2020 15:16

The emotion in this poem runs deep and still.

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