Adam and Selina Part.1 (poetic story)

I drive up to the park, just to kick back, relax and unwind.
As I go over events, ponder on the details, in this life of mine.
I sit back, light up a cig, recline back and take a toke.
Exhale and sigh, with hands on my eyes, as I blow out heavy smoke.

I look at my rearview mirror and something catches my eye.
I see this woman and can just about see her face.
I noticed she's been sat there for a while.
See the mist of her breath, as it starts to increase pace.

So I put the volume up, listening to some Marvin Gaye.
Sexual healing because, Im feeling. Some type of way.
I look back and notice that she's still there,
I look all over and nobody's around. Just us here.

Maybe like me, she just wants some peace.
Or maybe she really wants somebody to talk to.
Maybe she wants to be left alone,
But I'm thinking, maybe I should speak to her. Well. You never know.

Fuck it, I get out my car throw my cig and I walk over.
"Excuse me but is it ok if I sit here too?"
She says ofcourse, it's a free world go ahead.
I take a seat and look in the direction she's looking to.

We sit as the sun starts to set.
Its gets dark, with the birth of the moon.
The birds are still singing, the ambience of the moon light.
Looking over the whole city. Damn what a view.

Randomly she asks me what do I think of when I see the moon.

I stop to think for a moment.
"I'll be honest many things do come to mind"
"I wonder about the things I have in my life."
"I also see a gesture of the sun, loving the moon, so very much. Each night....he dies."

She turns to me but damn shes got a heavenly smile.
Perfectly contoured cheeks, nude lipstick and a sweet face.
Her frame is phenomenal too.
God spent his time on her, damn she's full of sweet grace.

Fuck I want to know her name.
Ok dude right now you have to play it cool.
I look down she's holding onto a book by R.M Drake, looks like she's into poetry and short verses too.

So I tell her I write poetry sometimes, buts it's more of a hobby.
Ahh fuck that sounded so sloppy.

She closes her book and puts it aside.

She brushes her hair to side,
looks right in my eyes,
Very faintly, cracks a smile,
"I haven't met a poet, in a while"

Tell me one, Relate it to the moon.
I ask her you ever hear about the wolf?
"I haven't so now you can talk it through,
Go ahead, I've closed my book. Now all eyes on you"

I crack a smile and look to the moon and....

"A lone wolf walks amongst the highest peak.
See's the life of a bright beautiful moon.
The wolf stares in awe and howls, till the lungs feel weak.
But notices the moon don't move.

He howls louder yet, theres no change.
So he tries to climb higher so he can see.
He howls once more,
Mesmerised by this beauty.
That's so free.

The next night comes, in awe he howls again.
This time he finds himself lost in joy,
As this moon had become his friend.
He's just staring at her, lost and trapped, in a void.

Wolves generally walk in packs.
But this wolf was all alone.
Once whole with those around him.
Till it was their time to go.

Mesmerised by the beauty of the moon,
Each night he would howl and sing, as if in love.
He would howl in pain though,
Cus this love he can see, but it's one he couldn't touch.

One night the moon had disappeared.
The wolf. Shrieked in pain.
The one thing that it feared.
That his beautiful moon, had now.
Gone away.

For days the wolf searched for his moon,
Yearned to feel its presence too.
Yearned to see her glow.
Would she return to him? the answer he didnt know

The wolf felt lost,
Like he had lost a friend.
But one night, the moon returned to him.
Shining so bright, 
Howling in joy, Mesmerised by the soft glow, of the moon.

The wolf would sit at the same peak every night.
Staring and singing and howling to the moon.
Just the same we are now,
Here, conversating, in the dark, just me and you, alone.
under the same view"

its awkwardly silent,
"My god that was amazing"
"Did you write that?"
"Aha Get in there!!! "
"I really liked that"

We talk about life and what felt like minutes,
Was infact hours.
The energy is unreal, as if we were counterparts of the moon.
She was the embodiment of its beauty,
And I'm the soft glow.
She looks at her watch "it's getting late now, I'm sorry. I have to go"

A - "No problem, sorry im Adam by the way i didn't catch your name?"
? - "I've written my number on this paper, let's talk I'll tell you another day"

So we both depart text each other all night.
We have deep intellectual conversations,
Damn her game's tight.

From minutes went to hours,
Days went to weeks.
I eagerly wait for her to finish work,
So on the phone we could speak.

We talk alot, about anything and everything.
Our banter is legendary.
Our chemistry Is a violent flame.
The excitement and joy that comes over me,
Every time I see her name.


After sometime she pops a question to meet up.
A- "yeah I'm down. What would you like to do? Stay local or get out of town?"
S- "local, because I need to buy some stuff so can we shop around?"
A- "sure thing sounds good to me"
A- "I got work in the morning so I'm free about quarter to 3?"
S- "that's fine I'm gonna sleep now so I'll see you then sexy 😉"

what a nob

So the next day,

I get to her house, she comes over and says "wait here"
I feel out of place, I'm dressed rather slick,
And she's come out in lounge wear.
She gets in, hugs me and plucks fluff from my beard.
I hand her a cup coffee and tell her, this Is sex in a cup there.

We get to the shopping centre and we walk about,
I'm being me, I shine brightly like I do, as I clown around.
Everyone makes comments on how we're such a beautiful couple.
We dismiss it by laughing it off as we joke with one another.

We finish off, we get to her house and now my heart is racing.
I'm with her yet I already miss her, the kind of energy our souls are playing with.
She says "I wish we could chill longer but I have to go"
"Please drive carfully and let me know soon as you've made it home"

She hugs on me and said I can hear your heart beating, its racing. What's wrong?
I tell her it's nothing, I just feel abit light headed don't worry. Carry on.
Get yourself inside and do your thing let me know when you're done.
Well I guess this is bye for now, so I should be getting on.

I get home and I text her and now she's about to hop in the shower.
I can't fathom the time we spent together felt like minutes but infact it was hours.
So whilst she's doing her thing i get creative,
Writing some poetry, creating some verses.
I get stuck on the title, then it clicks.
I call it "Pulses"

She texts me now that she's done.
Our conversation is already flowing soon as it begun.
I text her "I've written something, wanna see?"
She responds with "sure thing Adam let's have a read 😊"

"Did you hear my heart beat?
How did it sound to you?
Was it racing wildly, you couldn't even count?
Or was it relaxed, pumping with soothing tunes.

When you heard my heart beating, how did you take it?
Did you find out what you needed to know. when it started pacing?

Is this where we belong?
How our story is to start?
I wonder would tears come to your eyes,
If you find my heart beat stops.

What did you understand, when you heard the pulse?
Was it that you finally realised, what you are to me?
Believe me, not alot of things make my heart go wild and crazy like that.

But you do.

My queen.

The heart emits an electromagnetic field,
Hence they say energy never lies to you.
Can you feel my heart longing when I'm close,
I must ask you, do you feel it too?

Does it consume your every thought?
Do you feel some type of way.
I miss you even when I was with you,
In life. With me. I hope you stay.

If you dont, then I lose.
My blood courses with the beats for you.
Imagine. My heart the galaxy, it's as if It would lose all the stars.
Grieving the loss, whilst your alive and breathing, still here. but gone

They say the power of the heart, creates enough energy to take you to the moon and back.
Hence that saying.
Dance to the beats of my heart, you may never have the chance to dance to it, again.

Lean over and hear my pulse beating,
It speaks it's own language. Theres a hidden truth. A hidden meaning.
Maybe then you will realise.
Exactly what it is, that got me feeling.

You may have been seeking the truth,
Or maybe it's one you already know.
Just listen to it once more,
Before you decide to go.

My pulses are alive and going right now.
But soon my pulse may fade and leave me.
In time you may need to call upon me.
But it may be late, when you actually need me
You know how uncertain life is.
But for the moment I'm right here.
Don't fret I'm with you now,
Till then. I'll always be there"

She reads it but doesn't respond,
Now it's been hours.
So I get artistic,
Drawing a wolf on some canvas.


The next day she responds.

S- "Adam, I feel it too"
"When I'm around you I'm so happy"
"When you're about to leave me, I start to miss you"
"What have you done to me you dickhead"
"I don't know whether right now I should slap you or kiss you"

"I wake up in the morning and think of you"
"Wishing I could drop everything and be next to you"
"How I rush to tell you about my day"
"You don't understand how I feel when I see your name"

I don't know how to approach this,
I drop everything. So I can focus.
I begin to explain how I feel.
Explain my thoughts and infact it's real.

A- "it wasn't planned it just crept up on me"
"How could I pretend"
"It was something different. Something I didn't understand"
"But you know me. what I'm about. My values and morals, as a man"

"This false bravado that I carry is now spent"
"With all this I'm actually quite amused"
"That right now I'm dealing with this reality"
"Which in reality, that I'm a man confused"

"You know the saying that eyes never lie to you?"
"I've been observing how you looked at me yesterday and you dickhead this is your fault too!"

We discuss things for a while
And come to conclude we need to see each other.
So we kinda plan like a first date,
To see if its meant to be, but ofcourse we leave it to fate.

So I drive to hers,
I'm wearing a black polo top, black Jean's and black chelsea boots. A grey overcoat, a rose gold watch and a gift for her in my car boot.

She walks towards my car as I step out with a smile on my face.
But Lord have mercy upon my soul to what I see.

She wearing black leather pants, that kiss her thighs.
A black vest, thats hugging along her curves.
Gold heels and a gold necklace.
A gold watch, White painted nails.
A subtle shade of bronze of mascara over her eyes. Fuck I want her.

Plum lipstick,
Hair straightened down.
Slight bronze concealer on her cheeks,
Wearing Ck perfume, A thick coat to wear.
As her eyes lock onto me.


Both my balls and my jaw hit the floor,
I really don't know what to say,
She come's to me and hugs me tight,
Softly whilst staring in my eyes
"Thank you for coming, you've already made my day"

I can't speak, she's so close to me.
Feeling high, like I'm flying of ecstasy.
I rub my finger on her cheek, I notice she starts to blush.
She starts to get goosebumps and breathes heavy. As our lips finally touch.
The sweet taste of her lips captivates me.
The fury of the energy that's finally free.
Seeping out of every pour in our bodies.
A display of affection in this dark street.

We passionately touch and kiss and I pin her agaisnt the car.
I pull her waist into me, as she pulls on my collars.
I'm in the moment like theres no tomorrow,
But then the inevitable surely follows.

As I get erect, well what can a man do.
This is different, she laughs, i back off and says with a smile on her face.
"Adam we really need to go boo"

We get in the car as we drive along,
She says "well theres 2 gear sticks in the car right now."
I slap her thigh and call her a prick,
"Babe I'm feeling rather sensitive right now"

We get to the restaurant,
She's worked up quite an appetite,
She says she's sorry,
I'm like "don't be silly it's alright"

"You best finish it all though"
"Don't be wasting all this food"
"Or this cashier as my witness, the wicked things I'll do to you"

She punches me softly on my ribs,
Grabs onto my arm as we laugh,
We walk to the back, as we giggle,
To find our seats. I help her with her chair as she takes her coat off.

Bronze skin,
Plum lipstick.
The light bouncing of her hair.
The way her eyes shining right now, with this serene flair.
I'm staring at her in awe.
In my head David Correy is playing - I Want It All

We talk about our past relationships,
Truamtic events,
Our current life affairs,
And trivial topics.

The vibe flowing from us now, I swear nothing can stop it.

We start to eat, but what I want to have isn't on the menu.
I'm watching her eat her food, but damn.
She has her style. on her own,
So respectful and pure.
Fuck, I'm sick in the head for her.
There isn't a cure.

After we've eaten we have some tea,
The look in her eye, I'm not sure what it means.
She tilts her head to the side and smiles,
S- "you're looking handsome baby" as she reaches for my hand.
Man hearing that makes my heart go wild.

So I lean into the chair and ask what should we do.
S- "Let's go to the park and have a look at that view"
We leave, as I drive we sing along to S Club 7 and all that childish shit,
We're screaming, smoking, speeding and having laughing fits.

We park up,
And listen to Tyrese - Sweet lady
As I sing along using her hand as some sort of microphone.
She tells me if I can stay with her tonight, as no ones home.

A- "my sweet lady ofcourse"
"We can you know, put on a movie and have some popcorn"
"And I don't know, I hope your walls are think"
"Don't want the neighbours to know what's going on"

She slaps me and smiles as she kisses me.
S- "Ok Mr poet tell me"
"What do you think about, when you think of me"
"Be real with me, so babe tell me"

"When I look at you what do I see?
I see a free spirit full of life living ever so free.

When I think of you, what do I think?
I think of you as a Queen by your own right. your own way

When I see you how do I feel?
I feel like I'm the strongest man to walk this earth. Nothing that comes my way can conquer me.

When I hear your voice, what do I hear?
I hear happiness and joy, I hear love and life every time you speak.

When your around me, what do I smell?
I smell your essence, what drives you and everything you've built up so desperately.

When I look in your eyes, what do I see in them?
I see a bright future, I see happiness and joy. I see a beautiful life ahead of you.

I see you in a different way. Correct me if I'm wrong.
That you're the diamond in the dirt, as it seems, all along.

I see your energy flowing, relaxed, full of pride in your own stance.
I notice these things, I see it even if it comes from a quick look or a slight glance

Let me tell you something.
I could be a sweet boy, drop compliments on you to make you happy
But I need you to understand these things not physically but mentally

You're a queen.

I say that because you don't need to wear a crown.

You're driven by desire.
You're driven by perfection.
You're driven by life.
And you walk in that direction.

You live freely, you carry it all
Where most would have crumbled.
Where most would have failed.
Still through it all, you stand tall.

You're driven and go with the flow of time.
You feel strongly with emotions.
With things to come surely your heart will align.
With your goals and everythings in motion.

Salina tomorrow is never promised.
We dont know what tomorrow may bring.
Theres so much that I can say.
Theres so much I can do.
But all my efforts will never equate to what I feel,
Or won't come close, when it comes to you.

If I could give you a sea of diamonds I would.
If I could give you a mountain of gold I'd give that too.
But still even with that,
Salina, it still would not amount to you.

Just remember and understand when I say this.
You're a beautiful queen in your own right, that's what I think, and how blessed I am to be graced in your company tonight."

Her eyes water as she grips me tight,
She climbs over and kisses on me.
She grinds on me oh my poor penis.
She bites my neck and says she wants all of me.

At this point Joe - good girls is playing through the stereo,
I finally lost all control and let myself go.
We're kissing passionately as we giggle and touch,
Making moves in the car, as I get a cramp in my leg and slam the clutch.

S-"Adam let's go to mine"
A-"Girl you read my mind"
"Damn Its about time"
"Tonight your ass is mine"

We drive along and I'm being cheeky as I lay my truth on her.
A- "girl I won't lie, when we walked out of the restaurant.
You walking infront of me.
I fantasised, all about the moves that ass makes.
I won't be shy but I can't lie.
Pictures of me, inside you.
I want it so bad, I could die.
I've been possessed so obsessed to undress you,
No disrespe.......

She slaps me and giggles.


I swear it's like music to my ears.
We reach her house, feeing for her that much more.
She puts the key into the chamber and opens her front door....


(There is a second part but is extremely graphic. If you wish to read drop me a messege and I shall send it to you 🤣👍)

◄ Why does it terrify me so?

Someone I used to know ►


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Jordyn Elizabeth

Fri 31st Jul 2020 01:39

Wow, I'm speechless...Great write. You are definitely a gifted writer, keep posting.


Profile image


Fri 3rd Jul 2020 22:35

I just finished the After series (5 books x $12.99 each made the author very rich). This story reminds me of it, but more poetic. I'm glad you are pursuing a book. You definitely have the creative gift to draw us into your world. Write on! 💖


Thu 2nd Jul 2020 16:43

All the best for your book. 👍

Profile image

Hamzah Aslam

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 15:55

Po, as always my friend your opinion always means alot to me. I just wish to express myself to those who can relate and encourage. This is what were here for!

Moon.girl, I'm actually in the process of writing my own book lOl and this piece entails both reality and imagination.

Express with your heart, your lips don't need to speak 🤘


Thu 2nd Jul 2020 14:37

This is a lengthy poem....but one that keeps you glued till the end.

Aslam why don't you write novels and scripts. If it was a real conversation then your memory is too sharp. And if not, then your imagination is way too good. I think it could be half and half of both. And that's what make you a writer poet.

No matter what the end is....this is a thriller romance poem.👍

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 13:18

...""That right now I'm dealing with this reality"
"Which in reality, that I'm a man confused"...

I understand every perfect word Zhar.

In the middle of my mouse, the scroll wheel comes to a halt...

Sad and Happy in perfect harmony.

Please do not spoil this moment of ecstasy.

I crave part ii
and I know me
and I know what it will do.

I and mouse click away.

I have no words left to say


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