Celestial Moon 7/4/20

Sitting under this light,
I conversate with my soul, to seek a better truth.
This cigarette smokes swirling over me,
But I must say, what a beautiful view.

I can't help but deny, this beauty over me.
Nothing shining brighter than this, not even the nothern star.
A smile creeps up on me, in awe of this light.
I think of something I've known, all along.

This moon must be jealous though,
For even this spectacle, you've stolen its shine.
Not one, even the world can take away.
I remember you fondly, truly.
One of a kind...

I hope in distance you're seeing this too.
Looking out like I am.
Holding on to our memories,
From my view, as long as I can.

If you're wanting some reminders,
If you're only needing to seek the truth.
Refer to my first post in my blog.
It's titled "The wolf and the moon"

◄ Let you go

Before I'm put to rest ►


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