Let you go

Suddenly it happens again,
Without thoughts or reasons.
I remember the feeling of pain,
In the time you disconnected and went missing.

For a moment I'm convinced that I miss you,
But then I remember in the end what you did.
I remember you fondly, every moment we had.
I miss the future that could have been.

In my head I have a conversation with you.
Ask you how and why were you able to let me go.
All those moments we had created and those i remember so deeply.
But this is in my head though, the answers I'll never know.

It's clear to me, you engage in a conversation with me but then abruptly leave me again.
What have we become?
My once queen, I revered and regarded so highly, can disconnect like I'm nothing. Again!

I don't get it, is it the fear you feel of what could have been?
You deluded and blind soul i gave you all of me and shared with you my dreams.
I showed you my soul and you gave me light from the darkness within.
I shared my aspirations, my desires and what In life I want to achieve.

I gave you every shred of me in the moment we found ourselves in.
"I will always be here for you" but do you not realise how long its been.

Do you not care for the man who once stole your heart and showed you a brighter side?
Do you not remember the darkness in me, which you saved me from had finally died?

The thing is its life and what's not destined for you will never be.
I just wish you understood what dilemma I'm in, I'm at war with my mind again.
Hoping for it to end once more and  my mind to be at ease.

I do miss you though, I try not to think of you,
But I can't help it sometimes so now it's time to go.
Just know your name is amongst my prayers but,
I guess now I have to "let go of you" once more.

Surely the memories will come back to haunt me again,

◄ Loyalty and Devotion

Celestial Moon 7/4/20 ►


Nicola Beckett

Sat 27th Jun 2020 18:11

Out of the ashes we rise from a broken heart


Fri 6th Mar 2020 00:31


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