The Park Bench 'swing'.

Sweeping municipal buildings 

loom inward with principled overhang.

Swooping seagulls launch lazy graceless

glaze on parkland treetops.

Sweaty armpits seep from runners-

panting painful spittle.

Sweets in tiny mouths, sticky toffee fillings-

swapping dripping lollies for fizzled nectar bottled toothache.

Swooning mothers, strained and flustered-

cleansing screaming reddened faces with wipes and tissues.

Swiping squirel snatching offered snacks-

struggles with chewed gum and fast food scrapings.

Swotting students- sprawling books and numbers

over worm casted grassland.

Swearing teen groupings crowd and crow-

leaking hormonal havoc in their wake.

Sword fighting tots cavorting with balloon man's

squeeky rubbered creations.

Switching clicking fingers, texting flicking buttons-

keyboards for input/output-


in your face,

swamping natures themes and rhythms

with 'pumped up' plumbed in earplugged jingles.

Swimming fowl crawl through trollied jetsam lake

and a single swan that can't go on...

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Ray Miller

Wed 28th Apr 2010 07:43

Nice descriptions, has an "all at once" feel, which is presumably your intent."worm casted grassland"-what's that then?bottled toothache is good and the ending is fine...

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 27th Apr 2010 21:47

Hello Sian, so good to see you back and with yet another strong piece. This provoked in me a more performance feel to it. Are you going to do it?
Alliterations are effective, and your angst about your observations is very apparent. Graham

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 26th Apr 2010 11:27

A good social poem with many fine images. In my opinion, it gets a tad 'jumbled'. Since this is probably one of the effects you want, perhaps it is in re-formatting that this becomes a stronger poem. Clever title.

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Mon 26th Apr 2010 01:20

I always go to the park during off hours... More peaceful that way ; )
Amazing though what you can see and hear if you pause to observe and take it all in...


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