So Close

So Close

So close you are
As I carve your name upon my stone cold heart
as within the darkness I hide from your beauty
self taught fractured minds
embracing the old and the new
your eyes sparkle as my shadows burn
from the remnants of what was

my tears they fall to put out the fires that you had created
so close you are how hard I try not to let you in
bring fourth the reign of your selfless act of mercy of pain
the torment, the betrayal of lust, an act of disenchanted magic
upon me and others through the minds and bodies of others you used our souls to enlighten your own infected mind
you used our bodies for your own filth

no cleansing was needed you fed upon the pitiful
their remains my tears they fell like the stars from the sky
the darkness I shall hide from the stranger of my own shadow
my needs no longer I crave a new
the afterglow of intensifying orgasmic sex

the comedown from the pure madness that drove are minds together
we rise and we fall
so close you came
as I carve your name upon the stone cold hearts you left behind
how they craved the after glow

as within the darkness I hide my own inner debauched self control
like burning remnants of my own selfless act
Stealing kisses cold
Stealing kisses foretold my own story

So close you where
So close you came
to drag me back to slice me through
once again
here I stand for all too see my head held high
the rivers may flow like a symphony
a crescendo to an end

the ivory plays no bounds no hell
here I am for you all to see
I am force of nature what I have become can never be undone
this is me nothing to shatter anon
so close you were
so close you came

but not close enough to expel me from your mind
I will always be there on the tip of your tongue
the lust that burns you from within
I'm the girl you fought
I'm the girl that dug my finger nails deep
I'm the girl that drove you wild
and I shall always be there, On the edge waiting for you to jump
the music the song of your after glow

So close you …..
you closed your eyes and went

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The Narcissist ►


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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 11:50

Well for us here at WOL the wait was well worth it.

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Anna Marie Grinter

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 00:18

I've been here for some time
waiting ...

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Wed 1st Apr 2020 15:36

So glad you joined today... you are like a (hot) breath of fresh air.😈


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