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Anna Marie Grinter

Updated: Wed, 1 Apr 2020 02:47 pm

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Hi all I am Anna and from Southport Merseyside I have been writing poetry from a very young age and I really do enjoy it I am also a photographer so the images I place with my poetry are taken and created by me


I smile wide with your skin between my teeth  I'd like to think my heart beat is pure one of a kind and unique I'm a girl with her claws out and I am here to compete  I'll taste your fruit blood splattered on the concrete  With eyes that sing and a heart the bleeds to your fine tune of a lust that will not go but only festers where you lay me like a puppet to your string Your stirring the completeness the messages that you leave playing an answer machine inside my head leaving me out of control I smile wide with your skin between my teeth dear I'm a girl with her claws out and I am here to compete with your eyes that once sang so pure now only death embraces me I hated you while I bled for You the bite and the sting payback dear now while I sit here you have become the puppet and I am pulling your strings for every time you violated me! I'll taste your fruit blood splattered on the concrete dipping my fingers in licking them one by one as you watch and fade away so beautifully with my eyes I shall sing and reel in the pleasure of your pain thrusting that dagger just a little deeper dear whispering in your ear my Name! My claws scratching down your back trickles of claret oh how I long to lick making me a little bit high making me want to push harder I smile wide with your skin between my teeth! reflection oh my dear satisfaction comes in many forms ... Your Not One Of Them Dear.. I can't deny your taste is good as I lick my lips but you do not mesmerise me just a little bite......


Looking upon my soul through a looking mirror All the little pieces falling shattered, oh how small the pieces so sharp to try and put me back together your smile so sweet as you lift me from my shallow grave dug so fresh Where you stand casting shadows upon my flesh so white so cold Between myself and what was my reflection upon the shattered sheets of an in a mortal being where I bleed and I breathe gasping for the very air that's snatched from my lips by your kiss and I am no more a mortal but immortal by heart no longer beats to the rhythm of your drum I catch a moment of what was, no longer do I feel the heat of sun No longer I feel the need to feed, from flesh upon flesh an entwining moment of an orgasmic contemplation the moistness that's brings me so near to an almighty explosion so strong i bite upon my cold lifless lips and that moment goes like a fleeting memory upon the tides of my own story Oh how I was so free, undrawn like a moth to a cascading light An unsensored vision to be hold upon your finger tips if your own excitement that builds like a crescendo of a symphonic problematic sounds! And here I lay in a thousand pieces to small to mightier My wrists bare my mistakes My womb empty from the seed that once aborted thee I catch myself in the shattered pieces of the looking glass Oh how tainted I am like a forgotten doll that sat upon a shelf forgotten with time her once Rosie cheeks now worn her sorrowful eyes full or remorse You took me and tried to make me shine Oh how I was so free, a fixation upon the lips of many a lover A scar upon my own flesh no more Can I feel the sun shine down upon me Flesh upon flesh Life without life A forgotten memory The intensity of it all The ripping pain that tore through me To small to matter And here I lay looking through the shattered glass A reflection and I am made aware then That I once breathed A faint smile Upon the tarnished cheeks where the cracks now fall My lips brushed with a crimson paint From the toy makers hands The restorer The destroyer My tormentor Myself I bleed, I bleed and I bleed That crimson flushed with life once more

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Wed 1st Apr 2020 15:20

Hi Anna

A huge welcome back... Back to the madcap world of WOL where you will find some of the greatest poets who ever walked the earth... well not quite that good perhaps.

I love your photographs my sign in name is poemagraphic as in poetry and graphics... that is graphic content sometimes, and my own photographs which don't seem to have reached the pages yet as often as they will from later this year.


As a side issue like all of us did... when you post more than 1 poem a day it will knock the previously posted one off the front page... It can still be seen, but some don't bother to click the back button at the end of others stuff... their loss!

I can see now you know this already being a seasoned WOLer lol

I have enjoyed 'looking back' I am looking forward with much anticipation

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