A Dance Without Music

A Dance Without Music

Standing tall graceful and calm
I begin my Dance with out music clasping my hands with aloud Clap
turning whirling .. as the tears flow from my eyes I can hear my heart beating

steadily like a drum, one beat after another steady and calm
I fall upon my knees reaching and searching from within I breath heavily
my need is great, I push and I push past it wanting more and more
A Dance Without Music

The fear in me fades and awaken I close my eyes and let my body take over each movement I make, flowing freely like my blood pumps through me over taken with speed.

I come to rest within your touching distance I freeze in place with your breath at the nape of my neck your touch, like the shards of glass that penetrate me

Hearing the drip, drip, drip as I swirl around deep inside
fearing your lifeless soul I begin my Dance without music once again
so deep inside my fear flies freely on by

A Dance without Music ...

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Anna Marie Grinter

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 00:16

thank you for your lovely comment x

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Wed 1st Apr 2020 15:39

Like a dervishes climax
on the verge of oblivion

The end came all too soon!

Another great poetic musing Anna.

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