Bringing up Luke

My mother always said "confidence is key"

Dad said "don't grow up like me"

My grandfather maintained that  " the best things in life are free,

My grandmother would always incline to disagree.

So what advice will I give when it's needed,

will my views at that time seem somewhat concided, 

they wont see the struggle that Ive had, or the or the times I proceeded.

Now, would you believe it, my past could run forward so fast,

just to kick myarse, to convince me that life was a fass so I'm fasting,

for something, anything, to spike this adrenaline,

something for these eyes to see what's ahead of them.

I tend to do it on purpose, help those that are lost and nervous,

show anyone there worth it, take that feeling and preserve it,

hold it, don't try to control it, keep it, use it to seek the mysteries of life and solve it 

60 beats a minute bets you would have a cardiac arrest,

you should sumise you have done your best, you've done more than enough now lay it to rest. 



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