Finders Keepers

And after last bleak one, I'd like to give some balance with this message of hope and love.  

Finders Keepers

by mike booth

Wednesday 4th September 2019 5:53 pm

Hide and Seek

Put fear on the list of things you should lose

With odd socks and gloves and your second best shoes.

Let regret go with burdensome guilt,

Give them away with your second hand quilt.

Composure and peace can often seem hid,

Like the start of the sellotape orTupperware lid.

The loss of the key to your bike lock or shed,

 Is nothing to losing control of your head.

And loss of your passport or ticket on train,

Is quickly recovered, can be found again.

Virginity, though, once lost to your friend,

A gift which, once given, is not there to lend.

The loss of your voice may last a few days,

But hearing and sight may take more delays.

Anger and lies can lead us to sin,

So with clothes you’ve outgrown, take them to the bin.

Let others wear the thoughts that don’t suit you,

And try on a smile or a giggle or two.

Find a place to keep safe the keys of your car,

And there pin resilience to help you go far.

As you hunt for your glasses, your phone or your purse,

Always remember, it could be much worse.

The loss of your bearings, your marbles, your mind,

Reminds us of all we can soon leave behind.

Some things in life are best left quite lost,

Rewards of recovery may not match cost.

Declutter your mind of cancerous thoughts,

Which so mar your beauty with bitterest warts.

But along with your money, your keys and your phone,

Remember some feelings to which you are prone.

Compassion should always be in your feeling,

And patience and softness to help with the healing.

Be soft with your failings and try wiser to live,

And reach out to others, with love that you give.

Your wi-fi connection may one day go down,

Then build up a smile to cover your frown,

And keep your connection with those that you know,

And lovers and strangers, just help love to grow.

So of all of these things, once lost, later found

The valuable ones are not measured by pounds.

So let go of regrets and sadness and pain,

Hold on to love, to find true self again.


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Hannah Collins

Mon 30th Mar 2020 11:59

Great words about loss and gain.
Thoughts of hope at the end.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 26th Mar 2020 14:51

Wise words that also succeed in being entertaining and readily
recognised. I particularly liked the line about the start of the Sellotape. A simple thing but one that most of us know about.

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