Event Horizon

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Event Horizon



I looked out of my window

The man taking his dog for a walk

The mother and child hand in hand

School children hopping and skipping along

Neighbours chatting over a fence

The postman delivering parcels

A cat slinking under the hedge

The wind whipping leaves

The rain falling




I looked out of my window

The dog howling for exercise

The mother and child peering out of the window

School children dragging their feet

Neighbours shouting through a letterbox

The postman leaving a parcel on the steps

A cat slinking under the hedge

The wind whipping leaves

The sun shining




Tomorrow is hope

Tomorrow is ‘the best of luck’

Tomorrow the sun will shine

The wind will blow

The rain will fall

Just like yesterday

Just like today

The rest is for tomorrow

The will of your God


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Ian Whiteley

Wed 18th Mar 2020 23:05

Thanx Po and Martin - glad you liked it - and thanks to others who 'liked' - I appreciate your interactions 😃

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Martin Elder

Tue 17th Mar 2020 22:31

wonderful stuff as always Ian and as has been proved here its the detail that counts in every sketch of life.
Nice one mate

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 20:17

Ian we truly are in the hands of the Gods.

Love this day by day write... Life is all about one day at a time.

The poets' window is always within the mind, that is why we need to pull together to let the those 'without' the eyes to see, to see the beauty around us all in the coming months ahead.

Poets, artists, writers, photographers, etc. have an opportunity to show the world another side of life that the 'News' hardly ever touches.

I am certain that you like a lot of us, will have to refrain from being 'out there' for a while however that should not deter us from inspiring and uplifting others via every means at our disposal.

WOL is just one avenue for us, which we perhaps need to point more people towards.

Keep on keeping on Ian.

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