This Is Our War

Still living

fallout met

by masses,

without guns

no bullets

just mute


creeps fast

striding shrill

in media

mantra, fear-

I could sense

in spun words

on print page

sold for pence


pushed quick,

cutting harsh

and bleeding,

blood pounding

though veins of

arms, afraid,


met impulse

like long fight,

falling solace

measured out,

scarcely left

to count,

leaving faces

rest and pause,

the frail turn

blank smiles,

whole cities

sing chorus,

in lockdown

the spirt dwells

in droves like

mass candles

though the dark,

Let them burn.

Let them burn.

Let them burn.


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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Mar 2020 11:20

Don't let something 'different' make you skeptical of posting Hannah. This is how you grow. Trying new things, pushing boundaries.......doesn't matter what others think


Thu 19th Mar 2020 10:46

Thank you all for your comments, they mean a great deal. I was initially sceptical about posting this because its slightly different to what I usually write. In answer to Mika's question, that was a typo, it should be "through" not "though".

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 23:20

Thank you Martin for your comment

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Martin Elder

Tue 17th Mar 2020 22:28

I love the flow and rhythm of this piece as much as the sheer poetry of the words.
I totally go along with Po's comments here
Nice one Hannah

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 20:42

Great words Hannah

The church has now said No Services in church.

Perhaps without the interference from the church people will, at last, find God.

I pray that is the case.

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 15:56

The line “though the dark,” maybe should be “through the dark” ? I was a bit stumped on that line. Otherwise, great poem here. Thanks for sharing.

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 15:47

I like it Hannah especially the passage:

"mute disease,
creeps fast
striding shrill in media"

Nicely done!

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