The drop of water that made the Silver Birch blush

The majestic Silver Birch

Adorning its winter regalia

Was bathing in bright sunshine

It stood in a calm pool of water


A lonely leaf was still

Attached to one of its branches

Hanging on for dear life

It had clung on to it

Grimly through the winter’s ravages


The rain had just ceased

A single drop of water

Skated across the leaf

Upon nearing the edge of the leaf

It gathered momentum

And was compelled to dive by the pull of Gravity


It plop splashed into the calm pool below

Sending seismic waves of concentric circles

Across it

And tickled the Silver Birch’s feet

And made it laugh uncontrollably


Moments later calmness reigned once more

On the surface of the pool

The mighty drop of water had sunk without trace

In a watery morass

The Silver Birch regained its composure

And visibly blushed in its brilliant white suit

Whilst reflecting on the cheeky drop of water's antics

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The Rainbow ►


jennifer Malden

Thu 19th Mar 2020 15:25

Beautiful poem, really enjoyed it. Agree absolutely with Keith.


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Martin Elder

Tue 17th Mar 2020 22:33

Love it

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keith jeffries

Tue 17th Mar 2020 11:19

beautifully written by an highly observant eye.


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