Face Masks


Masks used to be only for bad guys

desperadoes wearing bandannas

pulled across their faces

bank robbers and train robbers

or thieves in the night

then of course there was

the Lone Ranger

the only good guy with a mask


but now we have

the face mask fad

for those trying to evade infection

and it's honest people wearing them

trying to protect themselves

from the dreaded Virus

robbing them of their health

or stealing their lives


they think it will protect them

but it will not

masks only mask

their collective fear


we've all seen the photos

of people in China

thousands of people walking around

with face masks on

like masked clones

showing bewilderment

in their sad eyes


but the fact is

the masks only work on those already infected

that is what the doctors say


and so we really need to unmask ourselves

and take a deep breath

wash our hands often

sanitize our surroundings

and remember not to sneeze on

the ones we love


kemo sabe!



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 12th Mar 2020 16:16

Recently, I received an email from a cancer organisation which
reported the use of face masks as a means of preventing the
projection of disease rather being of any use in the protection of the wearer. Let us therefore continue to employ common (NOT so common!) sense and basic hygiene day to day, and just get on with
our lives. I note that the "totting up" process used by the media in
this situation has been missing in the annual fatalities that result from flu.

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 15:37

Soap and water... The new Silver Bullet

High Ho Silver

Go d (space intended)


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