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I let the pussy go today; he scratched me to get away
I told him to take the tool with him
Because it would prick me instead of helping me
I took the arrows out of my back
There are bits of stone left behind from the arrowheads
But I don’t feel them anymore
I took my four small bottles of Holy Water
And gave them to people who respect me
Then I went to the ocean
I took my heart shaped shell
It was broken in two
I stepped into the waves and let the waters cover my feet
Slowly I opened my hand
And let the pieces fall into the water
I watched them for a long time as they tumbled to and fro in the waves
This was the hardest to let go of
I knelt in the water and pondered how the shell moved toward me
And then away from me with the tide
Some people believe all life came from the sea
But I know this letting go is best for me
And as I get up and turn my back on the ocean
I walk slowly but with a confident stride
Not looking back
Never looking back
Forgiveness has been given
My footsteps in the sand will disappear over time
Like I already have
And that’s alright
The boulder has been lifted off my chest
And I look straight ahead, and walk through the sand
Up the steps, along the fence
And into my future

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Lisa Milligan

Fri 23rd Apr 2010 19:26

"Absolution" is very symbolic and that's why it's hard "to get". Each reference has to do with someone in my family. It was very cathartic to write.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 21st Apr 2010 12:40

I like this, not sure why, perhaps just the powerful idea. There are references I don't get, and, poetically, parts I would likely edit, but it still 'works', and what more could a writer ask?

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