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It's just not normal.

Again I'm in some kind of trouble

That is what I can sense from my surroundings 

People here are acting quite abruptly weird 

I just don't know what should I be doing

They ain't responding to my mobile calls

Locked me out of my gate when I went out

The wifi ain't just responding 

These aren't just normal things that could be happening 

May be I am thinking over just way too much

These chain of events could be happening perchance

Or is there something just supposedly fishy about it all

Just thinking!!!!

◄ Making kinda love!!

Hidey n seekey!!! ►



Mon 9th Mar 2020 01:32

Nah!! Mbdata.....does not work inside my bedroom most of the time....phew!!

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Don Matthews

Sun 8th Mar 2020 23:45

Sounds like you in trouble. Glad wifi able to get this blog up for you...


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