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Hidey n seekey!!!

Just the thought of you around me

Is driving me extremely crazy

Wanna be with you now

Wanna hold you now

Just a kiss

And a smooch

A divine look


Why can't you just say something 

Let me know your whereabouts and surroundings 

I will approach you if you wanna play hide and seek

I shall find you exactly where you hide and sneak

Just wanna hug you

Just wanna smell you

Just wanna feel your breath over my neck

Say something let me know your boundaries


Let's play the love games of reality

Communication not virtual but words flowing through lips

Let me near you, so close as you and I be one

Just wanna see you

Just wanna touch you

Just wanna be with you

This lovely morning breeze fills the air with surprising ease

Hold me now

Touch me now

Hug me hard

Kiss me long


Spill the beans

Lemme crack the puzzling things 

◄ It's just not normal.

Night life! ►



Mon 9th Mar 2020 07:41

Thnx Dave!!

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Mon 9th Mar 2020 07:30


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