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Making kinda love!!

As i look deep into your eyes

You see within mine

Our souls are stirred

A romantic beginning 

Of a beautiful evening

Our fingers touch

Flames of love bursts

Into a million candles burning bright

Lighting up the loves delicious delight

A wild ecstasy explodes within

Our gentle lips smoothed by kissing

Longer deeper suck of love

Exploring each others romantic breath

Unless we turn extremely breathless

Creating the hormonal outburst

To overtake our balanced emotions

Ripping us apart flaming in

All the curves are discovered

The softness caressing abruptness 

Gently moaning at your every attempt

Filling me with your manliness

Whispers growing louder

Creating a whirlwind of madness

The gentle rides turning extremely wild

Until the point of explosion

Outburst of loving streams

Flowing yours within me

Slowly your soul hangs onto mine

As whispering paves it's way to a silent unite

Lovingly helpless and tired

You lay your head on my chest

To sleep the night of making love

A thought of you exploded these words

Into a love filled ecstasy poetical love making

Which finally finds it's way on wol's blogging 

◄ It's time now!!

It's just not normal. ►



Mon 9th Mar 2020 03:05


Thank you Donny dear
My necky was covered
So no bits and bites there
Hormones balanced
Ebbing n flowing
Do si Do
Singing and dancing
Ho hi Ho💋


Thank you Tom.🌷

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Don Matthews

Sun 8th Mar 2020 23:31

Hormones come
Hormones go
Frisky poem
Do Si Do

Blog ends up
Here on site
Do ya have
Neck love bites?

Hormones ebb
Hormones flow
Let's all sing
Ho hi ho


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Sun 8th Mar 2020 20:35

Great writing Do! Very passionate 👌🏻


Sun 8th Mar 2020 19:59

Thnx V.🌷

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Sun 8th Mar 2020 14:23

Nice one Dorothy! Almost worked up a sweat reading it. 🔥

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