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Leslie Smith

Updated: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 11:52 am

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Retired, writing modern poetry, hopefully, after the style of Dylan Thomas for cathartic purposes. Most of what I have written came automatically to my mind while dreaming while living in a beautiful place in the mountains of North Cyprus.


Acid Throw some acid Dear, show your love. For my opinion My mind. My scorn for you Blind me. Scar me for life Scar your mind. Pour it over My beautiful face. Let it burn Because of my voice. Who encouraged you Your friend, mother. Tradition of control Hearts of hatred. Hold your head high I can’t mine. Puckered skin Disfigurement. Made my face Like your mind. Behind my veil I see you. At night, when it rains I lift my veil. Water mixes with My tears. Salves my mind No, not flesh. Soothing Wrecked. You want me In fear. A chattel, worse Than a dog. I do not fear I now know. You are a coward I have the power. I see you for What you are. Incapable of love Except for self. If I had my way I would make. You look at my Face every day. Until your madness Is replaced. By torment You think I cannot. Now love I can, I just need. To find a man With a good mind. Inspiration Where is it from How does it come. Let it flow From heart to. Magic of brain Scribbled on paper. Not an engine Never false. Tapping keys Think of love. Of humanity And experience. Arriving from a fountain Mysterious and pure. Symbiotic composition Without conscious thought. Honeyed words But not too sweet. Syrup disrupts reading Lost in the goo. Write not false Nor plagiarised. Let your heart Connect to brain. When it does not flow Relax, reconnect. Do not rush You will know when. Opening natural tap Flowing not mush. Clear the mind Your are allowed. Flow as one Capture your heart. Trance like mystical Magical prose. Write it true Let it go. From you to me Reach my heart. Wings With one wing he The evening gently with her. She did not see, but I think felt The warm air change; Did not see, but knew Her wing was healing. Guessing his hands and heart moved Weaving the scented air. Flying in circles Through owl starred night. Cannot see but feels her Smiling, moving warm air. Gliding on the air of care With love and goldenness. She moved his heart Embroidering his damaged wing. Gossamer wing of angels pale In the reflection, wings forged. By loves stream of silver Burning to Golden fire. Meet in dream time Ask the wise man. Can this be Is it I, will we be. I thought it was you Come to visit in the Sun. But no it was not you Whom I feel so close. One of Natures’ gifts A butterfly, kissed my cheek.. Thinking, dreaming could it be Was it sent by her to kiss me. Are we merely mortal When we think such things. Mind wide as Universe A million stars. Each star a universe, a thought. A love, a kiss to give. Waiting to discover The sender of Butterflies. One flew close today Thinking instantly of you, Living in beauty Gives a heady rush. Thinking of love again Not so lonely now. Something good is happening Believe and it will come true. Surrounded by Oleander Mountain, rock and tree. Allowing pure and sweet thought The perfume of love. Mountain tops dancing in the clouds Heart pulsating. New magic has arrived From where. . We glow as we age Likened to a fine wine. Fair face framed by flaxen hair A lady for sure. Svelte and sweet Womanly smile with kind eye. Gentle of nature A rhapsody in skin. Trapped on canvas Framed with sadness. Red the colour of the rose Blanked out the other half. Can emptiness be filled As the ocean moves. Deep my feeling Make my woman whole. Hers to be happiness Golden her days. Kibris love cascading From beaten copper chalice. Fire of passion reflecting The food of love consuming. Lips to be kissed Passion to arouse. Care absolute Fragility to be protected. Strength to be felt Urgency of love. Beauty and passion Twins of love. Giving all to each Taking all from both. Mobbed by butterflies What say they. No entwined limbs Metamorphosis leathery. From chrysalis woven silk Wings of awe. Spun beauty Flight of delight. Beating wing Beating heart. Beating drum Sound birth of love. Nurture this Hold tight. Breath a caress On down of neck. One man woman One woman man. When Eve span Who then was the gentleman. Brightest star Cry of fox, hoot of owl. Loves silent cry Chastens the moon. A child in heart Nor a prisoner. A recluse no a gem Bright and sparkling as a diadem. Come out, come out, wherever you are Show me your light. Give me your love Take my heart.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Le3s Smith

Wed 11th Dec 2013 21:58

Thank you for your welcome, glad to be here.

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 18th Nov 2013 10:01

Hi Leslie - a warm welcome to WOL. Hope you are enjoying being here on the site. Maybe try putting one of your poems on the blogs - more people see them there I reckon.

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