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Karl MacIver

Updated: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 01:38 pm

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Fed up with how life is going and motivated to change sometimes. yet not always. I have 2 children who I love more than life and would do anything for. I have written poetry and part written half a dozen books yet never pursued any publishing of my works until now. I am here to share and gain inspiration and motivation.


For God and Country He died fighting for a noble cause He followed the words of his leaders He believed he was fighting for his country For freedom and for God He also died fighting for a noble cause He also followed the words of his leaders He too believed he was fighting for his country For freedom and for God Both conscience's clear Both with proud families grieving So much in common yet not Divided in life Joined in Death Baffle With Bull Shit I sit and poise and stare What is it that this person is saying to me? Are their words used to perplex me? Large words I may not know the meaning of. The upper class attempt to communicate in code Education, the best money could buy I don't cast aspersions on them all But this one is not like them all This one thinks they are taller Not in stature but status Yet the best education money could buy Turns out a waste of money for his parents Was this man's surname Malaprop? This man with his Eton tone, far from a full bottle of Moet This man is clearly talking bullshit Dysentery 2k This century has been Like Dysentery Covering us in a whole load of shit While the bankers and the politicians sit On their fat arses so rich treating you and I like their bitch Life is so hard it makes dying Seem the better choice to trying Despair and helplessness fills me I want to run, get away, flee My only solace is my wife and daughter Who have been with me through hell and high water If only I could make things good See the trees through the wood I just want to live I would give anything to live

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