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John Walton

Updated: Mon, 8 May 2017 09:05 am


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Born in 1961, John has been writing poetry and painting since an early age. Also a self-taught artist, he has sold his work in Merseyside and in his home county of West Lancashire where he can often be seen at local art fairs. In primary school at the age of 10, he won a local writing competition with a short story called 'The Rumbling Churn!', but turned to poetry and prose as a distraction after a sudden family bereavement. 'I found that at the time, I was more able to express my feelings using the written word, and it certainly helped me to cope better at such a difficult period in my life.' Some of John's poetry can be a little dark at times, but it contains a certain positivity and belief that however difficult or dark the situation, there are always better times ahead.


Enlightenment There was a path deep in the woods Beneath the leaves Hidden by shadows cast by giant trees. There was also a current under the sea Beneath the waves Hidden by black rocks and misty sprays. There too was a voice carried on the wind Calling your name But drowned by the clatter of driving rain. Yet the moon in the night sky And the sun in the day Gave you direction as they lit up your way. The wind in the ether Blows clear all the leaves Exposing the path so you can believe. The ebb of the tide Has silenced the seas There’s now barely a ripple in the gentlest breeze. The storms that existed Are now on the wane A wonderful chance to begin life again. Enlightenment beckons removing your fear The future is golden The direction now clear. Those steps you have travelled From the darkness you faced Now carry you forward to a far greater place. JW

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keith jeffries

Tue 9th May 2017 21:15

Hello John, I salute you again for both poems entered today which resonate powerfully with my personal experience of grief. The way in which you express the emotion of sorrow is very profound. Thank you again. Keith

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keith jeffries

Mon 8th May 2017 09:30

Hello John, Thank you for this poem as it proves my belief that behind every poet there is a philosopher. The verse and style of writing are all beautifully crafted. Thanks. Keith

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